School of Architecture and Design is the place for learning and exchanging knowledge about architecture and design. Priority of the school is to produce various kinds of academic work including design documents and research papers, focusing on subjects to strengthen socio-economic development of local community and private sectors. It aims to be an anchor of the region providing data base references for local wisdom and emerging innovation. As well as the academic persons have responsibility on design services especially for regional context to equal to contemporary world.


          School of Architecture and Design at Walailak University has the principle mission to reinforce and educate our design students to be qualified according to the standard of professional practice, and government policy on socio-economic motivation with innovation. All academic staff have a shared intention to increase their knowledge by research, to create their innovation from local wisdom, to perform what to do normally into international standard. The aim is to continue in developing our community, society and nation to be potential and competitive. Our mission includes the collaboration with both government and private sectors in design services and the conservation and administration of national art and culture. It is our high determination to be renowned in our academic areas.