School of Architecture and Design (A.D.)


School of Architecture and Design at Walailak University was found in 2005 and started its leaching for the first course as Bachelor of Architecture Program in 2006.  The program has been accredited by Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).  Until now, the course has produced graduates to be architects for ten generations, working in various sectors of the country, either in private companies or with government services, and also freelance architects.


In 2007, the school had started a new course, Bachelor of Interior Design Program to respond to the development on socio-economic plan of Thailand.  This academic year will be the first year to produce students’ theses.  The program has its preparation to be visited and accredited by Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).  For Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program, the course is now under the process and will begin its teaching and learning in 2022.  It will be a kind of new breed program, thereby following the educational policy of the nation of life-long learning.  This year will operate as a short course program with some subjects.  A successful learner will receive a certificate and can be collected in credit bank for the case of full program attendance.


The school has also proceeded to its strategic plan in operating a course on Bachelor of Industrial Design Program in 2009.  The course enrolled its students until the academic year of 2018, which produced graduated designers for about ten generations.  Therefore, at the moment the School of Architecture and Design concentrates on academic duty to develop our students in both knowledge and professional skills in architecture, interior design and landscape architecture.  And the most important is that these three programs have been accredited by Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).


Being an anchor of regionalism; center of learning arts and sciences; developing to achieve international standard; and creating sustainable communities.


School of Architecture and Design at Walailak University has committed to reinforce and develop our students to be qualified and responsible graduates. Architects and designers from our school will be able to work on their projects with concerning on existing community and sustainable environment, suitable socio-economic situation, and appropriate technology. As well as the remarkable methodology at Walailak has supported our students and graduates to understand human needs according to their context on regional culture and environment.The teaching curriculum of all courses has combined architecture, landscape architecture, interior and industrial design into a competent standard that is accepted by both local and global community.The school has also provided design services and commitment on research and development, created data base for design knowledge in the region, and continued its art and culture conservation.

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