Alumni of the School of Architecture and Design, Walailak University
Alumni of  Industrial Design – ID

Concept: Creative designer COTTO
Presently, Creative Designer COTTO is an expert designer. COTTO STUDIO has been specially trained and trained to provide the best service for all customers. Some people enjoy the toilet because it takes a while to relax. Escape from the chaos It’s a pleasure to give you good things. To the family who love the bathroom may be the joy of the people who appreciate the beauty of our bathroom.

Concept: Pilantha Accessories
Help design jewelry in the collection of Charming of Thai Ornament. Introduces new concept of jewelry for Vogue Who’s on next The art and culture of the Thai culture, the shape and color, or even the behavior reflecting Thai identity embedded in the deep roots of women. New interpretation and presentation under the style of the girl in materialism, but still not forget the charm of their own. In order to create Thai jewelry that is different and tempting to pass on some culture in the era changed.

Concept: Baanchaan
Baanchaan is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial handcrafts. The concept of Thai handicraft present. Throughout the development process and design to be contemporary. Home and hotel. The different types of value. The Thai identity is clear. Baanchaan is the brand that captures those who love it. In a design that is unique and unique. Which is different with other designs.

Concept: smooty studio
smooty studio is a well-known manufacturer of decorative items and everyday items. Add value by adding value to give the product more outstanding and unique than other products by the value that smooty studio is important. The love story of the product through the “smooty”, which can call the smile and the charm of those who have seen it very well. By the way, each product has its own inspiration from the surroundings and is conveyed in the smooty view.

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