Landscape Architecture Program

Landscape Architecture Program

Program:            Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program

Degree:               Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Abbreviation:    B.L.A.


Being an anchor of regionalism; center of learning arts and sciences; developing to achieve international standard; and creating sustainable communities.


  1. To reinforce and develop the potential of landscape architecture students in morality, ethics diligence and enthusiastic, according to graduates’ identities of Walailak University.
  2. To possess the academic knowledge and professional practice skills, concerning and connecting to regional environment and cultural entity.
  3. To be able to apply the universal design process in line with the demand for labour markets at the national level and ASEAN Economic Community.
  4. To have responsibility in creating design for a community and its environment, taking into account the principles of participation, the conditions of economic affair and social engagement, as well as the appropriate technology.
  5. To research and further expand knowledge and expertise in developing sustainable community in both local and international standards.

Attribute of the Architecture Graduates

  1. Competent in landscape architecture design and qualify to pursue professional license because the program is accredited by the Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).
  2. Skill in design basic architecture, interior and industrial design due to the combination of both theory and practice in the curriculum.
  3. Capability of becoming a lecturer in landscape architecture, in case of graduating with further education in Master Degree in Landscape Architecture and related subjects.
  4. Ability to work in creative areas because every program of the school has emphasized problem-based learning (PBL) process, focusing on creativity, working in procedure, and presenting to communicate his or her idea.

Opportunity in creative career

Our graduates are prepared to be efficient landscape architects whose expertise to work for local and national government organizations or private design offices.   Creative career includes landscape architect, design consultant, construction supervisor, design manager and the like.   There is also an opportunity to become lecturer, academic staff, and researcher in various institutes

Opportunity in further education

Our graduate students are qualified to pursue licensure in professional practice or further study such as post-graduate education in architecture and related subjects in all institution in Thailand and aboard.

Tuition fee

Academic fee per semester   =   21,200 Baht

Fee for thorough program     = 318,000 Baht

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