Testing the operation system before opening the hospital medical center (Headquarters)

โลโก้ศูนย์การเเพทย์ มวล.

         Come to study at the School of Architecture and Design Walailak University Ready in every aspect both in education management and taking care of the health of all students Walailak University Medical Center Hospital is the pride of all of us in Walailak University Ask the parents to trust in the potential of the university that is ready to take care of your children to their full potential

         In which the test of the system before the opening of the hospital medical center (Headquarters) on Saturday, November 6, 2021, the working group of Lualalak University Medical Center Hospital. has tested the system of providing services to patients in various fields before the actual service on November 15, 2021 to prepare with medical personnel and personnel from various departments of the Hospital Medical Center Participate in this system test as well.

        Testing the system before opening the hospital, the medical center is a test of readiness. Whether it’s about location, personnel, information systems, or even other service systems by creating a virtual event To allow personnel in all departments to improve the service to the service recipients of Walailak University Medical Center Hospital On the opening day of November 15, 2021
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