"KAILAND" Jane Apirak Chaisiri, a Phuket artist. Alumni of the School of Architecture and Design

"KAILAND" เเจน อภิรักษ์ ชัยสิริ ศิลปินชาวภูเก็ต ศิษย์เก่าสำนักวิชาสถาปัตยกรรมศาสตร์และการออกแบบ​

Today, the School of Architecture and Design brought to know the alumni who are fascinated with art “Jan Apirak Chaisiri”, the owner of “KAILAND” by Jane Apirak Chaisiri, an old student.

3rd Generation Industrial Design Department School of Architecture and Design Walailak University Currently, he is an art creator. Under the brand “KAILAND” which has many works throughout the south and the latest work, conveying new street art at HOMA Phuket Town, Phuket that will open in October this year.

“Kailand” (Kai Land) or Jan, a street art artist from Phuket. with freestyle murals at HOMA’s co-working space
HOMA, a brand of housing projects under the concept of co-living, joins hands with “Kailand” (Kai Land) or “Jan Chaisiri”, a street artist from Phuket.
Create a new street art in the heart of Phuket at the HOMA Phuket Town project that will open in October this year in Phuket.
Kailand’s street art works will be displayed on the co-working space on the ground floor of HOMA Phuket Town, with “Kailand” or “Kai Land” from the word “Kai”.
which is the southern language for “puck”, combined with the playful character of “Jan” will make the area full of fun. has a unique personality that is like
Artist’s signature and awaken the power of the new generation of Phuket entrepreneurs With murals that use lines and fantasy cartoon characters. Decorated with bright colors
It conveys a humorous story through cute characters. which is a work that is easily accessible And will make visitors smile as soon as they walk in.

“I graduated in product design and ceramics. But street art is my work. I like to hang out with my friends.
And it has brought a little love to the local community,” Jan said.

Luca Dotti, Founder and Managing Director of HOMA, shares his vision of combining local artists and craftsmen with a design-focused project called “HOMA.”
Not only want the residents to feel the feeling of the place. but also want to reach the purpose which is to participate and collaborate with the local community.
and create a positive social impact. Working with Kailand has helped us achieve that and so much more. He is an inspiration. be creative
Energetic. We had a lot of fun working with him. He brought the co-working space to life completely. After that, he will create art for fitness and other zones.
of HOMA Phuket Town.” HOMA Phuket Town is a new concept apartment in co-living and co-working space.
Located on the ground floor of the project where “Kailand” has carefully created the new street art of Phuket town here as well.

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Other works by "KAILAND" Jane Apirak Chaisiri

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