Competition ในงาน AD Open House 2021

กิจกรรม #Competition ในงาน AD Open House 2021

📢📢📢 Announcement Announcement Announcement 📌📌📌
The #Competition event at AD Open House 2021 has arrived!!!!
August 26 – September 9, 2021
at the Architectural and Design Laboratory
School of Architecture and Design Walailak University
#Title and content of the work submitted for the contest 📌📌📌
The School of Architecture and Design organizes the AD OPEN HOUSE project every year. This year, a contest has been organized under the concept of “stay-with-home-watch-with-house” in the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak causing many families to live with. house as main which still have to work or perform their own duties differently, such as working from home / learning from home / selling from home, etc. Most of these incidents are still temporarily occupied areas. Therefore, the concept of “staying at home – keeping with the house” is for designers to help reorganize the environment of their own home. which can increase – decrease / adjust – change the old area to respond to the new activities that have occurred, resulting in a new space that is perfect for use and can still be used in daily life as usual.
#Details of sending work 📂📂📂
– Design and specify the name of the work on a horizontal A3 size image file, 1 sheet, without limitation on presentation techniques. The image file submitted must be a .JPG file with a resolution of not less than 300 DPI or an image file size of not less than 10MB.
– In the work, show the pattern of the area before and after the renovation design, amount 1 area
– Show design ideas to show the acceptance of upcoming activities
– Apply and submit your work via Google form by following the attached link.

Apply and submit your work through the Google form system. according to the attached link

# Candidate Qualifications
Interested parties can participate individually. It is divided into two types:
– Category 1 (Junior Designer) consists of students studying at the high school level (M.4-M.6) and students in the Vocational Certificate (Design)
– Type 2 (Senior Designer) consists of the general public. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree and vocational students (in design)

#Types of awards and prizes
All submissions will be reviewed and judged by a qualified external judge. With a total prize money of more than 20,000 baht, the details of both types of prizes are as follows:
1. Grand Prize
(Prize shield/certificate/prize money 5,000 baht each)
2. 2 1st runner-up prizes
(Certificate / Prize money 2,000 baht each)
3. POPULAR VOTE 2 prizes
(Certificate / Prize money 1,000 baht each)
#Application process 📌📌📌
– Submit your work from today until 3 September 2021
– Publish the work via Facebook: Walailak Architecture and Design – A.D.
To receive the POPULAR VOTE on September 4-8, 2021
– Member of the selection committee on September 7, 2021
Via the system (Zoom Online) from 13.00 – 17.00
– Announcement of results and receiving prizes (via online system) on September 9, 2021

#The list of qualified directors in the consideration of the work consists of
1. Associate Professor Kitchot Nanthanasirivikrom
Lecturer of the Department of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture Kasetsart University
2. Mr. June Sekino
From JUNSEKINO Architecture + Design
3. Mr. Eakchan Eamananwattana
from Creative Crews Ltd.
# Ask for more details
Facebook Fanpage : Walailak Architecture and Design–A.D.
Tel. 075 476431-3 // Mb: 081-9244474
(Ajarn Jaturan Piboon, Activity Coordinator)

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