Resurgence of Possibilities
January 30th – February 7th 2021
The situation the world is facing at this time prompts us to seek solutions and coping methods through the creation of robust inter-city networks to overcome all challenges and create new opportunities. In a McKinsey report, it was said that last year Asia played an important role as a global urban hub where cities developed rapidly in terms of city expansion, economic growth, and interconnected infrastructure to facilitate all changes.
After a year of great challenges, it is now a new starting point for Bangkok to review, relearn, and acknowledge the potential of being a megacity. This means an abundance of economic opportunities and advantages to catalyse innovation. It is also steeped in diversity which are paramount to the development of adaptability that makes the city flexible enough to coexist with limitations and deal with challenges.
With its ability to turn what it has into thought assets, the capital city is therefore a place embracing opportunities and endless possibilities.
Bangkok Design Week 2021 (BKKDW2021), the fourth edition of all, will be held from January 30th to February 7th, 2021 under the theme “Resurgence of Possibilities”. Explore new opportunities and possibilities emerging from urban revival amid crises and challenges the world is currently facing to overcome and grow through in the future. Organized in creative districts throughout Bangkok such as Charoenkrung-Song Wat, Samyan, Ari-Pradipat, and Thonglor-Ekkamai, BKKDW2021 will present the excitement of creativity through five main activities, namely:
Showcase & Exhibition: Showcases and exhibitions by creators and entrepreneurs introducing ideas that incorporate design thinking process, creativity, and technology to develop human asset, communities, businesses, cities, and quality of life in many aspects;
Talk & Workshop: Lectures and workshops by Thai and international creative thinkers who share experiences that will create positive impact on the economy and society;
Creative District Project: Activities aiming to develop creative districts through full scale prototype testing, developing, and implementation which will promote better quality of life and drive the metropolitan’s creative economy. Participatory mechanism will be the key for local people and creators to work together which eventually leads to new investments;
Event & Program: Activities in celebration of creativity ranging from musical performances, movie screenings, and performing art, to parties and open houses that will vibe up the city;
Creative Market: Flea market filled with creative products promoting sales opportunities, market trials and business network expansion. This platform will encourage new creative entrepreneurs to develop their business towards success.
About Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW)
Bangkok Design Week (BKKDW) has always been marked on the Bangkok event calendar. The event is organized by Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, in partnership with over 60 state agencies, public organizations, academia and international institutions, as well as 2,000 designers and creative businesses. In each year, BKKDW draws an estimated number of 400,000 visitors at home and abroad. 
BKKDW is a growth engine for Thailand’s creative industries in many ways, by showcasing creative business and designs, stimulating competitiveness, providing a local and foreign business networking opportunity, generating an economic momentum to downstream businesses, such as marketing, printing, online media, galleries, cafes, restaurants, gifts & souvenirs, travel, hotels and public transport services.
About CEA
Established on 14 August 2018, the organization formerly known as Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) is now Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization): CEA. Under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister, CEA has taken on a larger role in promoting the creative economy for the sustainable economic development of Thailand. 
One of CEA’s missions is to put forth to the development of the creative district. By promoting the district and its conducive atmosphere to new businesses, CEA is aiming to connect the local community with each stakeholder. 
With creativity as a key driver to level up businesses and quality of life, CEA is tasked with enhancing the prominence and competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs and the creative network to advance Thai creative industries. 
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